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  1. The Club is administered by the Chairman and Committee, who hold meetings on these dates, and are elected at the Annual General Meeting, held at the range on the first Tuesday of April.
  2. If you wish to try your hand at air weapon shooting, there are very few (legal) restrictions. If you want to try out smallbore rifle shooting, British law states that you must be a member of a shooting club. You will receive coaching in the use of firearms. In both cases, email the Chairman for info.
  3. You don't need much to start - the Club can lend you clothing (shooting jacket, sling, glove), ear protection, and of course a rifle or pistol, until you decide to purchase your own kit. How much you spend is up to you - a second-hand beginner quality air rifle or pistol can be purchased for under £100 but you will undoubtedly want to progress. A good used smallbore rifle will probably set you back upwards of £300. You may well be able to get hold of good, second-hand clothing without spending a fortune; at the other end of the scale, international and Olympic-standard shooters (yes, we have some in the Club!) will pay thousands for clothing and kit, and thousands more for a precision firearm. Likewise ammunition prices vary from under £5 for a tin of 500 airgun pellets up to more than twice that; and .22 calibre rimfire ammunition varies in price from under £5 for a box of fifty, to over £10 for a box of match quality rounds.
  4. Here the smallbore sections shoot target rifle and lightweight sport rifle at 25mtr. We are currently negotiating the creation of a 50mtr outdoor smallbore range. The air sections shoot a variety of rifles and pistols, including precision, vintage and field weapons, at 6mtr, 10mtr, 20 mtr, and a variety of distances on the outdoor field target range. All sections regularly take part in a vast number of competitions. Some are organised in-house, but most are official competitions arranged on a local, county-wide, regional or national basis. We shoot home and away matches against other local clubs. We practice archery indoors at 10 yards for absolute beginners, and at 20 yards when you become more confident; and outdoors at 20, 30 and 40 yards. We have a variety of archery equipment for members' use. All members are encouraged to join one or more of our many teams catering for all abilities from beginner to expert.
  5. Membership is open to everyone, irrespective of age, ability, and disability. The minimum junior age for full Club membership is 14, but under 14s may take part in the Saturday morning sessions. See the Membership page, or use the Contact page to let us know you wish to join.
  6. Generally, you do not need a Firearms Certificate (FAC) for air weapons; nor to use a Club smallbore rifle. You DO need a FAC if you wish to possess your own Section 1 firearm (smallbore rifle) and / or ammunition. You MAY buy ammunition from the Club for use at FRPC without a FAC but you may NOT take it with you, and you MUST sign the firearms register (and the ammunition register if you do not have a FAC) each time you use a Section 1 firearm. You must not have been legally banned from having a firearm (which includes air weapons) in your possession. See Firearms Act 1968 Section 21 (.pdf, 58kb). The Membership Secretary is our Police Liaison Officer.
  7. The President is our Children and Vulnerable Adults Officer (often known as Child Protection). If you have concerns about children and vulnerable adults protection, you should email our President, but DO NOT include any identifying details in the email. Arrange to see him personally or phone him. See also NSRA CVA Protection (.pdf, 248kb).
  8. The range is open every day, according to the following table:
    Range opening times
    Mon2030-2200Action air pistol
    Tue1800-2100Smallbore prone, 3P
    Wed1900-2100Lightweight sports rifle
    Thu1800-2100Smallbore prone, 3P
    Fri1900-2100Field target, 6m + 20m air rifle
    Sat am1100-1300*Youth coaching
    Sat pm1330-16003 position target rifle
    Sun am0930-1230Smallbore prone
    Sun pm1700-2030Archery (winter)
    Sun pm1630-sunsetArchery (summer)

    *Youth: 10 - 14 year olds, with parental consent. Parent(s) to attend first session.
    Disabled shooters are welcome at all sessions.
    Mobile phones should not be taken onto the ranges.
    Air rifle and pistol shooting may take place most weekdays during the day and every night in the air range. You will need a key, available from Bob, £5 deposit.
    All times and disciplines subject to change.
  9. Club officers' details are held in electronic form on this site and are available for download from the Downloads page.
  10. Our early history is a little hazy but we believe that a rifle range existed in Fareham town in 1900. The Club was represented in the Queens Cup Shoot at Bisley in 1910, and was affiliated to the society of Miniature Rifle Clubs in September 1933. It was given the Club Number of 119. The old range was sited in the Gillies until 1971 when the land was required for the Western By-Pass. The council assisted the club to re-locate to its present premises. This site, on the northern outskirts of town, is very secluded but is easily reached from Fareham and the surrounding area, being close to junction 10 on the M27. The range was altered to accommodate pistol shooters in 1972. The club had close links with the Golden Lion Air Weapons Club based at the Golden Lion pub in the High Street. When their premises became too dangerous to use (upstairs had a rotten floor), the two clubs amalgamated. The handgun ban of 1998 hit the pistol shooters very hard but rather than give up, they started two new sections, sports rifle and archery. FRPC has reinstated the archery section.
  11. We do not publish our address or display our whereabouts to the general public. The majority of prospective members will be introduced by existing members. If you have a genuine reason for needing to find us, please email one of the officers on the Contact page.
  12. To request a reciprocal link, please email the Webmaster
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  13. Any members' names and pictures on this site are used with permission. Youth members are not fully identifiable.
  14. In line with European data protection, no cookies are set on this site, although Pete sometimes provides biscuits.