Fareham RPC Archery

Portsmouth Round trophy

We are presently not accepting any new applications for Club membership for the Archery section, as we are very full. You can still apply for membership of other shooting disciplines.

As an existing FRPC member, you may wish to come along and have a go at archery. We have all necessary kit for you to start a new hobby, learn new skills, or rekindle a past interest. We shoot recurve barebow, without sights, and freestyle, with sights, indoors at twenty yards, at a variety of targets. We shoot outside at up to forty yards, and we use smaller than standard targets to equate to shooting up to 80 yards.

It's all very informal apart from the mandatory safety aspect. All members interested in taking up archery MUST participate in the initial safety training course and demonstration with the Archery Coach in order to be allowed to take part in archery practice. Even if you consider yourself to be an experienced archer, this is an absolute requirement. You are encouraged to attend more coaching sessions to become familiar with barebow and freestyle. You will learn how to set up and break down the range, put a bow together and string it safely (at FRPC you are required to use a bowstringer), choose the correct weight of bow and length of arrow, use a tab and bracer, and shoot safely. After six such sessions you will be eligible for a certificate of competence. We have archery technique training videos available free, let the Archery Coach have a minimum 4Gb memory stick or SD card for transfer. You are expected to follow archery rules of etiquette, to assist in setting up and breaking down the range and putting archery kit away after use, and for the good of your health, to do the warm-up and cool-down exercises. All good fun.

Correct stance, Certificate, group

Archery coaching and practice takes place Sundays in winter in the main range, and outdoors if fine, from 1400 to 1900, and in the summer outdoors, or in the main range if wet, from 1600 to sunset. Please email the Coach or check the desk diary and notice in the Clubhouse before attending, to be sure which session is taking place. You can also join in our in-house archery competitions, five dozen arrows (ten ends of six) at twenty yards on 60cm target faces, Portsmouth Round, and five dozen arrows (twenty ends of three) at eighteen metres on 40cm target faces, Vegas and FITA 18 Rounds. You can achieve 252 progression badges up to 40yds, as well as unofficial longer distance rounds using smaller targets at shorter range.

If you wish to progress to buying your own equipment, you should count on spending a minimum of £200 for a beginner bow and set of eight arrows, and another £150 to complete your kit - quiver, bow stand, sights etc. The Archery Captain, Coach, or other Club archers can advise you on type and size of bow and help you to tune your kit to the latest, most modern and up-to-date standards so that bow, arrows, string, rest, button, clicker etc all work in harmony. You could even learn to make your own bowstring!