Fareham RPC Disciplines

Field target range

Smallbore Smallbore rifle disciplines include prone, i.e. lying on a shooting mat on the ground; 3P, or three position, shooting prone, kneeling and standing; lightweight sports, generally a lighter and shorter rifle, often fitted with telescopic sights; and bench rest, where the shooter sits at a bench (or table) to support the weapon. All these disciplines are usually shot at 25mtr.

Air weapons The Air Weapons sections shoot a variety of pistols and rifles, including precision, vintage and field weapons, at 6mtr, 10mtr, 20 mtr, and a variety of distances on the outdoor field target range. Most shooting is done standing or bench rest.

Action air pistol Action air pistol Mostly we shoot a course of fire based on the old "Police Pistol 1" discipline which consists of 12 shots deliberate (two handed) at 10m in 120 seconds, two lots of 6 shots on 6 separate, 3 second exposures of the target at 6m, and then 3 pairs of shots in 3 x 3 second exposures at 4m. Every now and then we try something slightly different but equally challenging - that is up to our imagination! Guns used are the CO2 powered .177 pellet firing copies of "real" pistols - either revolver style (mostly Smith & Wesson) or semi-auto style. It is a cheap and fun (and surprisingly demanding) form of shooting and is even one of the disciplines covered by the big "Phoenix" competition at Bisley each late May bank holiday weekend. If you fancy coming along and having a go, we can always find a pistol for you to borrow.

Field Target Field target is our outdoor range, with a covered shooting area for inclement weather. Air rifle shooters shoot at a variety of targets, some home-made, some official, at differing distances. The range is affected by natural hazards such as trees, stumps, plant growth, and of course wind and rain, for a more realistic feel. We shoot at spinners, tin animal and bird shapes, but NEVER at real birdies and bunnies which are often to be seen in and near the range.

Archery Archery The archery section shoots barebow and freestyle recurve, longbow, and compound, indoors at 20yds and outdoors up to 45yds, weather permitting. Our 1st4Sport Level 1 Coach leads coaching sessions and supervised archery practice on Sunday afternoons. See Diary for dates.

Fullbore Fullbore rifle and black powder pistol While we do not have the facilities at FRPC for using fullbore rifles and black powder pistols yet, a number of our members travel regularly to Bisley and other local ranges to engage in fullbore rifle and black powder pistol shooting. Therefore if you are keen to pursue this discipline, rest assured we will make you feel most welcome.

Clay pigeon Clay pigeon We do not shoot clay pigeon at FRPC, however the field target and other members get together at various clay shoots most Sunday mornings.