Fareham RPC T & C

The clubhouse
If you are interested in joining the Club, or are already a Member, please note the following:

It is a condition of membership of Fareham Rifle and Pistol Club that all Members conduct themselves in accordance with the Club Constitution, posted in the Clubhouse, and any subsequent temporary amendments thereto as agreed by the Committee until such amendments are ratified by AGM.

All Members must sign the Section 21 (Firearms Act 1968) declaration. This is a legal requirement for all Members, including air rifle and pistol shooters and archers. If you have not signed the Section 21 declaration within three months of being asked, you will receive a reminder. After a further 28 day period you will receive a formal warning that if you do not sign within 14 days your membership will be terminated and Hampshire Police Firearms Department will be notified. This is a legal requirement for all Club members whether or not they use Section 1 firearms, since all Members including air shooters and archers have access to Club Section 1 firearms.

All Members, on joining, are required to furnish the Membership Secretary with the necessary personal information needed to complete a membership application and to perform the necessary police background checks. Under the Home Office regulations that govern shooting clubs, we are required to collect and hold a specified range of personal data on both new and existing members, as well as visiting competitors and shooters. GDPR calls this 'Legal Obligation'. The Club does not require written permission from its members and visitors to collect and hold data covered by this definition. All Members agree to this information being kept by responsible elected Officers of the Club in either paper or electronic format or both. You are entitled to request sight of whatever personal information the Club holds on you and may request deletion of unnecessary information (for example email address, mobile phone number) if you so wish, however the Club will continue to hold necessary records, which may include name and address, home phone number etc, while you remain a Member, and to keep such information for a period of time as specified by the Police (currently seven years) after you cease to be a Member.

If you are a Firearms Certificate holder, the requirement is for regular attendance and use of a firearm, the police guideline is at least once per annum.

You must not have been legally banned from having a firearm (which includes air weapons) in your possession.